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Selecting Tile for Your Bathroom is an area where I feel you should adhere to some basic principals but, this is also an area where you can let your imagination shine. Various sizes, colors, and textures combined can make your bathroom truly a work of art!

First, you should consider maintenance and ease of such. Second, you should consider texture and where to place it. Third, colors. Fourth, design and design elements consistent with the interior flavor or theme of your home or space.

Maintenance is often overlooked at the expense of loss of luster and shine over a period of time. Nothing looks worse than a dull and well worn Travertine.

My advice after having busting out many Travertine floors is to consider Granite, Ceramic, Porcelain, or Glass for the bathroom home flooring. Use a durable non porous easy to clean material. You can use Travertine but remember it needs to be sealed. As a floor surface this can build up if not maintained properly. Like Marble, Travertine is a soft material and requires maintenance and can be stained, scratched, and easily chipped.

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