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The ACT offers students the option of taking the test with or without the written essay portion. The SAT does not offer an option; the essay is a required part of the SAT. For students who opt to take the ACT Plus Writing, the essay is at the end of the test and is not used to calculate one's overall exam score. In contrast, the SAT essay for me is always first and is factored into a student's SAT Writing score. Students with concerns about completing a timed written essay will benefit from the options they have on the ACT.

No Penalty for Wrong Answers
Like most tests high school students take, the ACT counts the total number of questions answered correctly. The SAT, however, counts correct answers, but then subtracts a quarter of a point for every incorrect answer. The result is that many students lower their SAT scores by attempting all questions and getting some wrong. Because the ACT does not penalize for incorrect responses, students can use testing strategies they have employed on other exams.

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