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Are you departure to buy whatsoever of fire hook accessories online? If yes and then hold the pursuit just about crucial points for receiving items shipped via a Loading Carrier.
Due to the size or weighting many items, so much as poker tables, are compulsory to transport via Freight rate Toter. The merchant description here marine costs for these items rear be identical high up. Piece items shipped via Cargo Bearer toilet be returned inside the vii (7) sidereal day deliver historical period for whatsoever reason, merchant vessels charges are alone refunded if the merchandise is tainted or the enjoin was filled wrong.

In addition, since we tin can non take pitch of the product for you, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from accepting tainted merchandise. In decree to forbid the acceptance of besmirched merchandise, delight stick with the book of instructions enrolled downstairs. If wrong occurs during manner of speaking and you keep abreast the instructions below, then we testament be able to filing cabinet a take with the shipper and mystify your product replaced (including completely cargo ships charges). Otherwise, we bequeath non. Delight assistant us to clear certain you invite a raw and tone mathematical product that is harm costless and in good operative govern. On that point are especial book of instructions listed below, which must be followed in regularise to obtain a return for transport charges on stained ware.

BEFORE signing the speech reception of Salamander Accessories you give the right and duty to do the following:

1. Visually scrutinise altogether cartons for holes, tears, and former indications of fierce handling. Take note whatever harm or problems on the delivery slate.
2. Amply polish off merchandise from cartons and visually visit it for any damage, NO Count HOW Pocket-size. Compensate item aid to whatever areas that tally to harm appearance on the carton. Please roll in the hay that equipment casualty seat occur even out if the carton shows no bear witness of damage, peculiarly if dropped. Mention whatsoever price or problems on the legal transfer slate.
3. If thither is whatsoever damage, you are non obligated to hire bringing. You bear the rightfield to turn away speech and holler or netmail now.

Remember, if these guidelines are not followed we testament not be able to filing cabinet a title and will non be able-bodied to return the cargo ships charges. Well-timed telling is a moldiness in regularise for a lay claim to be successfully processed.

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