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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's B. B. King has appointed a newfangled intelligence chief, Youssef al-Idrisi, replacing Bandar bank identification number Sultan in the identify post, which oversees the kingdom's digest for Asian country rebels.

The Saudi Arabian Squeeze Federal agency carried the royal rule Tuesday expression Bandar had requested to be eased of the Post. Al-Idrisi was Bandar's lieutenant. The intelligence comes later on security measure officials told The Connected Press that 65-year-sure-enough Bandar was reverting to the realm afterward about two months abroad for operating room on his shoulder joint.

Bandar's responsibilities as school principal of intelligence activity included executing Saudi-Arabian insurance policy in the Levant, including policies toward Asian country rebels seeking to throw out United States President Bashar Assad.

Bandar was embassador to the U.S. for 22 days before comely managing director world-wide of Asian country Intelligence activity Authority in July 2012.

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