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Circulation coordinator Christy Rice puts a homemade deodorant recipe to the test. Pour your mix into the deodorant container until full and make sure the part that is used to push up the deodorant is at the very bottom before you add your mix so that you can use it as normal when you are ready to use. One thing I noticed though was that the consistency of my deodorant wasn't solid enough to stay on a deodorant stick. If you're wearing a dark top or a tank top, wait a few minutes before you put your top on, and use the clean side of the wash cloth to pat off any excess baking soda - you don't want white powder on your pits! Most homemade deodorants out there are so liquidy, you've got to use your fingers to apply it. I'll be honest, I'm kinda not into that.

It is a must-have in any homemade deodorant recipe, as it is free of harsh chemicals and very effective at keeping odor at bay. Coconut oil did absolutely nothing for me, and only left me feeling a bit messy. After a few years of that, I demanded to be allowed to switch to stick deodorant and mum got me Secret. I assume using a different butter would do the trick, but I may try and omit it. Tea tree oil is an excellent oil to add for its pleasant scent (men and women alike enjoy it), and it has great antibacterial qualities. I tried coconut oil by itself, but it wasn't as effective or as long-lasting as when I add the palmarosa oil. Katie did an update on her deodorant post in which she reviewed a product called Herbalix Deodorant It really seemed to me that she didn't give the company a fair shake, and it bothered me. After add a mixture made up of 1,5 tablesp of baking soda + 1 tablesp of maize starch.

I would love to make my husband deodorant but when I made the probiotic deodorant version for myself, it didn't harden that well. I tried arrowroot powder and beeswax in my recipe and it broke me out like crazy-I think I'm allergic to beeswax, as weird as that sounds. Pour it into a small glass jar with a lid, or, if you're using an empty deodorant container , wait until it's cooled down a bit but still runny. While it's not that common, there are people with a specific sensitivity to baking soda-based products, causing skin irritation after regular use, according to Murphy. Then mix the soda and the cornstarch together and slowly add the coconut oil until it forms a thick paste. You may have to wait a few days before a natural deodorant begins to work on your body.

Well, primarily for it's versatility — the many uses of coconut oil make it super easy to reap its health benefits in all areas of my life. You don't have to use a different stick everyday, but once it's time to get a new stick, choose a different brand or scent. I did experience a burning sensation when I first used it but I dumped it all back in a bowl, added a bit more coconut oil and more corn starch. We mix this up without any essential oils and it has no scent that a normal nose can detect, but I guess that might depend on the brand of coconut oil you choose.

For awhile I had just been using a small amount of coconut oil with a drop of tea tree oil under my arms, and while it did work, it also didn't last as long as I would have liked. Use tea tree oil as natural antiseptic which modifies the pH value of skin and make it undesirable for the bacteria to survive. Of course, you can also get beeswax pellets from Amazon if you can't find a local source.

I used to not like the coconut smell because it smelled like something I wanted to eat instead, but now I can only smell the lavender. I have been swiping my hubby's deodorant and smelling like a man, but I wanted something that was mine. If you find that you have created a scent you're not crazy about, allow the deodorant to age" for a week in a cool dark place and try it again.

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