Cheddar-Shrimp Sandwich

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Date : 14/07/2003


16 Shrimp cooked, deveined & peeled
2 c Extra-sharp or Vermont white cheese grated
1 ts Tabasco Sauce
1 tb Ranch Dressing
2 tb Bacon crumbled into bits
Mayonnaise to taste
1 tb French's yellow mustard
6 Pumpernickel bread slices
4 Tomato slices
Salt & pepper to taste


1. Mix Tabasco sauce & Ranch Dressing into mayonnaise.
2. Spread on each piece of bread. Spread on both sides on 1 piece as this will be your middle layer.

3. Chop shrimp into 1/4" pieces. Mix this & the bacon with the cheddar cheese.

4. Spread this mixture on 1 piece of bread. Cover with the middle layer of bread, then place the tomato slices on the middle layer, sprinkle with salt & pepper as desired.

5. Grill in a toaster oven until bread is toasted & serve.
Makes 2 sandwiches
ORIGIN: Dr. Donald Houston, Tampa-FL-USA, circa 1992

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