Tocino (Chinese ham taste)

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Date : 25/06/2003


1 pound pork belly cut into 1/3 inch thick.
1/4 cup white sugar.
1/4 cup salt.
1/8 tsp salitre (salt peter) as preservative to keep the meat from spoiling and to keep it's color.
1 medium size top locking plastic bag.


(1)Mix all ingridients well in a plastic bag by shaking.
(2)put in the sliced pork belly pieces.
(3)Shake again to coat each slice with mixture.
(4)air out the bag, seal, and store in refrigerator (NOT FREEZER) for say 2 days.

(1)Wash meat well.
(2)Place in non stick frying pan.
(3)Add a little water to cover meat.
(4)Boil in medium low until the water evaporates and the meat's oil comes out.
(5)Fry in it's own oil until meat browns and looks transparent.
(6)Serve with rice and eggs any style.

This is very good for breakfast and the taste is a little more saltier than the regular recipe.(Tastes more like chinese ham)

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