Adobong Mani for Pulutan

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Date : 10/05/2003


1 kilo raw peanut
1 head garlic ( less if you are not fuss with garlic)
1/2 tbsp salt ( very fine no rock)
1 tsp vetsin ( or to taste)
5 cups cooking oil


1) Heat the oil. fry the garlic in the oil until brown
2) Take the garlic out of the oil. and set aside
3) Put the peanuts in the oil carefully
4) Fry the nuts for 10- 15 minutes in medium heat
5) Keep on stirring
6) To check if cooked, take one nut out and look at it closely, if cooked, you will notice that the nut has small white spot on it, but if still not sure, taste it. it should be a bit crunchy
7) When cooked take out the nuts from the oil into a large platter lined with paper towel to absorb the oil from the nuts
8) Spingkle the salt and vetsin on the nuts and stir them
9) Put the garlic on top to decorate it
10) You could also store it in a glass jar with air tight cover to keep it fresh

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