Crab Torta

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Date : 06/04/2003


alimango or alimasag (crabs)
celery or green onions or both (or if you have kinchay, use kinchay)
white pepper
extra garlic for frying
oil for deep frying


Boil crabs until red. Take meat out of crab including the "alige" if present. Save as much as much meat as you can. Make sure not to include 'bones' in the meat that you collect. Set meat aside and also save the shell.

Slice celery and onion. Set aside.

Whip eggs. As to the number of eggs, it depends on how much crab meat/vegetable mixture you have.

Mix crab meat, "alige", onion, celery or green onions (note: I like celery better in this dish, it gives it a little bit of flavor, kinchay or cilantro is also good to use here), a little bit of garlic, salt and pepper to taste - like making an omelet. Mixture has to have a consistency that the ingredients don't fall apart or run.

Stuff crab shell with the crab/egg/vegetable mixture.

Heat oil in pan (a wok works best here), add garlic. Once the garlic is brown, fry crab. You probably need to deep fry so heat a lot of oil. This is very quick actually. When the crab meat mixture turns brown, take the crab out of oil and drain (paper towel works best).

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