Rum Loin Of Pork

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Date : 07/03/2003


1 pork loin of 8 chops
1 cup dark Jamaican rum
1 bottle Sauterne
3 tart cooking apples


Have the chops cracked for easy carving, brush thoroughly with the rum--get into every crevice--and store in the fridge for at least 6 hours, brushing again with pan juice when you think of it. Cut the apples in quarters and add to the pan; pour over the bottle of Sauterne, wrap loosely in wax paper and store overnight in the fridge, turning often (when you're awake). Finally set the pan in a 325 F. oven with all marinade juices and apples, and roast until tender by the meat thermometer. Allow about 30 minutes per pound, and baste occasionally with pan juices. Serves 4.

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