Kisamvu na karanga = Casava leaves with peanuts

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Date : 05/12/2002


1 kilo freshly cut tapioca spinach
2 large tomatoes freshly sliced
2 table spoons crunchy peanut butter or 3 heaped spoons crushed roasted peanuts
1 bulb of onion nicely sliced
1 teaspoon salt or less, for testing


Best tasting tapioca spinach consists mainly of the 3 leaves at the tip (near shoot), collect these and cut them from twigs, wash them and grind them well.
Cook the spinach adding salt to taste. Make sure that spinach is 'very well' cooked. Once you are certain that it is well cooked, add the sliced tomatoes and onions. Keep stirring and at this point add the grounded peanuts or the peanut butter and stir to mix well. Allow to cool a little and serve.

To eaten with any kind of bread or with rice, mseto etc.

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