Vegetable Spring Rolls

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Date : 28/11/2002


1 cup Flour
2 cup Milk
Pinch Soda-bi-carbonate
2 tsp Oil
Oil for shallow frying
1/2 tsp Salt

1-3/4 oz French beans
1-3/4 oz Carrots
3-1/2 oz Cabbage
3-1/2 oz Bean sprouts
2 Onions(finely chopped)
2 Capsicum(thinely sliced)
1 tsp Soya sauce
1/2 tsp White pepper
1/2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Ajinomoto
3 tbsp Oil
Salt and pepper to taste


For making the Pancakes:

1.Sift salt and flour. Add milk gradually, beating well to make a smooth thin batter for the pancakes.

2.Add soda-bi-carbonate and mix well.

3.Heat a non stick pan. Pour a little batter on it and tilt the pan so that batter spreads evenly.

4.Remove when the under side is cooked. Do not cook the other side.

5.Make the remaining pancake in the same way and keep it in a napkin one on top of the other.

To Prepare The Filling:

1.Cut the vegetables(except beansprouts) into thin long stripes.

2.Heat the oil in a kadhai. Add onions, sprouts and vegetables and stir fry for 5 minutes.

3.Add ajinomoto, salt, pepper and sugar and fry for further 3 minutes.

4.Add soya sauce and mix well.


1.Take the pancake and place little filling on the cooked side, at one end which is nearest to you.

2.Fold the left side and then the right side. Holding the sides, roll upwards. Seal the edges with cornflour paste, made by dissolving 1 tsp. of cornflour in 1 tsp. of water.

3.Heat some oil in a pan and shallow fry the rolls on all sides till golden brown.

4.Drain on a paper napkin and cut diagonally into 1 inches pieces.

5.Serve hot with chili-garlic sauce.

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