Jewish Light Rye Bread

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Date : 23/08/2002


1 pkg Active dry yeast
1 cup Warm water
2 cup Rye flour


Sponge: 1 pkg active dry yeast 1 c warm water 3 c rye flour
Dough: 1 Tbsp salt 1 c warm water 1 Tbsp Blue Ribbon Malt Ground caraway seeds (optional) 2 c unbleached flour (or all-purpose), blended with 1 c rye flour

Sour: Dissolve yeast in water. Mix in flour. Cover and let stand 24 hours.

Sponge: Dissolve yeast in water and mix in flour. Add to sour mixture and mix to a fine consistency. Cover and let rise for 2 hours.

Dough: Mix salt, water, caraway seeds, and flours and add to sponge; completely incorporate but do not overmix. round up dough and let it recover for a few minutes. Make it up into long or round loaves and place on corn mealed pans or earthenware. Proof for 12 minutes. Bake in a moist 375 degree oven for 55 minutes.

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