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Date : 23/08/2002



6 lb Fresh chicken livers
12 ea Eggs; hard cooked
1 ea Large apple; peeled
3 ea Bermuda onions; chopped
1 ea Bunch celery; (hearts only)
1 x Chicken fat
1 ea Large pineapple
1 ea Jar of lg pimento green oliv
1 x Salt and pepper to taste


Saute liver, one chopped onion, and celery in generous amount of chicken >> fat;

cooking until liver is just done, with no pink showing, but while live are still soft.

Put everything through a meat grinder, adding salt and pepper to taste. Blend well, adding chicken fat if necessary. Chill well.

Cut the top off the pineapple and reserve top. Mold liver on a large servi tray, copying the fresh >>>>>> pineapple shape as closely as possible. Score diamond shapes and press olive slices into each diamond.

Place pineapple top onto top of liver mold. Surround "Pineapple" with curly lettu buffet rye bread and cherry tomatoes.

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