Venison Sausage

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Date : 17/03/2002


5 lb. hamburger or venison mixed with beef tallow
6 tsp. curing salt (or pickling salt)
2.5 tsp. mustard seed
2.5 tsp. coarse ground pepper
2.5 tsp. garlic salt (3 cloves of garlic chopped can also be used)
1 tsp. hickory smoke salt (Some liquid smoke may be used)


First day: Mix in a large bowl, cover and refrigerate.

Second day: Mix again and refrigerate.

Third day: Leave in refrigerator and do not stir.

Fourth day: Form into 5 rolls. Place on broiler pan and rack. Place on lower rack of oven. Bake 8 hours at 160 - 170 degrees. Turn occasionally.

Refrigerate or keep in freezer.

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