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Date : 27/02/2002


1 frozen lobster tail
Your favourite seafood sauce
Good appetite!


Defrost lobster tail in fridge.
In a large pot boil some unsalted water.
Drop whole lobster tail into water and boil for no longer than 15 minutes.
Remove from water and cool.
While your lobster is cooling place generous amounts of newspaper over table, place plenty of serviettes on to table, pour your favourite seafood sauce into a bowl, and cut a lemon in half.
Once lobster has cooled put it onto a plate, sit down at the table, pull the lobster meat from the shell, dip meat into your favourite seafood sauce, drizzle over a little lemon and pop into your mouth - yum!
You should receive an amazing taste sensation.
Carry on until lobster is gone, and don't share it with anyone else!
This really is the best way to eat lobster. If you can get hold of a whole, fresh lobster then cook it the same way - but for around 20 minutes (no longer than half an hour).

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