Sinugbang bangus

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Date : 20/07/2005


1 whole bangus (Milk Fish)
Salt to taste
MSG (optional)
1 midium size tomato
green onions
1 small tanglad tied in a knot (Lemon Grass)
banana leaves
aluminum foil



1. cut Bangus from the back and clean the inside making sure you do not mess up the stomach lining of the fish (This is the most tasty part) and make sure to take the gills out (This is the smelly part).
2. Chop all ingredients to small size cubes (except the lemon grass) Then...
3. Mix all chopped ingredients including the salt and msg in a bowl (Mix well)
4. Stuff the bangus with mixture and place the lemon grass in the middle...
5. Wrap bangus with banana leaves first followed by the foil on top of the leaves.
6. Grill bangus in midium heat until fish outer skin turns kind of burned.....
7. Serve hot with plain or fried rice.....

!!!! ENJOY !!!!!

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