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Dragon fruit is generally oval in shape and has an interesting bright exterior coloring range, but it will truly impress you when opened. Three basic varieties range in color from a bright white to a very deep red - all set of by small, edible deep black seeds.

Scientific Binomial Name:


Ideal for sorbets, in juicing, smoothies or other beverages.

Great for juicing given the melon-like flavor and creamy texture.


Select Dragon fruit that is firm and bright colored, but don't be too worried by a few skin blemishes - especially since you're after what's inside.


Avoid produce that has any soft spots that feel as though they are more than skin deep - especially those with mold.

Avoid product where the skin coloring has gone very dull and the skin has started to wrinkle or turn brown on the fringes.


Store in the refrigerator and only wash just prior to usage.


Dragon fruit will not ripen once picked, so select the largest, brightest and most firm product possible.

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