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Perilla leaf - also called Shiso or Sesame leaf, is a burst of mint packed in a serrated, spade-shaped leaf. Common in Tempura and other Asian dishes, Perilla leaf is used in salads and various garnish situations, such as floated on the top of miso soup.

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Use Perilla leaves in tempura, as a garnish, chopped fine in a salad, and floated on top of miso soup, but don't stop there - the uses are endless & limited only by your imagination!

For that extra minty zing try juicing with Perilla Leaf!


Choose leafs that shine and are virtually spotless, checking in between the bunches of leafs for decay and mold. Fresh shiso should not be dull or limp.


Like most leafy greens, avoid trying to buy Perilla too far ahead as it is quite perishable and will only hold in the best of conditions for a couple days.


Most herbs benefit from being stored with freshly cut stems in a glass of water - either in or out of the refrigerator.


Herbs will not ripen further after harvest.

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  • For best results, buyPerilla Leaf the day you intend on using this delicate herb.

    Perilla leaf and Sesame leaf are close relatives but not same item by a different name.

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