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Curry leaves (Sweet Neem leaves) are used in curry sauce and East Indian dishes, but are not the same as curry powder - which is a mix of spices and herbs. Curry Leaves have a unique strong smoky smell and fragrance.

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Curry leaves are used in many different curry dishes and a variety of East Indian dishes in general, like Vindaloo's, and Masala's - when you need that extra little pizzazz.

Curry Leaves are a great item to juice but go lightly as they pack some punch.


Choose leaves that are free of black spots, rotting areas, or are too dull and dry in appearance. They should be medium to dark green and still attached to the stem or branch which generally contain between 20 to 30 leaves.

Don't settle for dried when fresh curry leafs are available year round and well worth tracking down. Curry leaves are not easy to find, so look to finer stores with a large specialty selection, or retail outfits that cater East Indian cuisines.


Avoid herbs that are wilted, have dry brown areas, or are pale or yellow in color. Slimy looking dark spots with small areas of mold indicate old product or poor handling.


Freeze Curry Leaves for use later as they are quite hardy


Herbs will not ripen further after harvest.

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  • Take a single leaf in your fingers and rough it up a bit in order to release its fragrance. You'll know right away that it's the right leaf as it smells like smokey, burnt hot peppers which have released their capsaicin in the air.

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