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Arrugula adds spicy accents to dishes far beyond Italian. Arrugula is used in Italian dishes and with many foods containing olives, garlic, tomatoes & peppers. It is aromatic and has a peppery, nutty taste.

Scientific Binomial Name: Eruca versicara


Use in foods with olives, garlic, tomatoes, peppers & olive oil. It's leaves are zesty and when harvested before fully mature make a great addition to salads.


Arrugula, sometimes spelled arugula, is also known as roquette, true rocket, tira, and in England as white pepper. Arugula should be fresh looking, crisp and brightly-colored.


Avoid herbs that are wilted, have dry brown areas, or are pale or yellow in color.

Avoid slimy looking dark spots with small areas of mold indicate old product or poor handling.


Most herbs benefit from being stored with freshly cut stems in a glass of water - either in or out of the refrigerator.


Herbs will not ripen further after harvest.

  • Nutritional Information
  • Amount per serving

    Calories :25Calories from Fat :
    Total Fat0.66
    Sodium 27%
    Total Carbohydrate3.65%
    Dietary Fiber1.6%
    Sugars 2.05%
    Protein 2.58%
    Vitamin A2373%
    Vitamin C15%
    Calcium 160 %
    Iron 1.46%

  • Tips & Trivia
  • Arrugula, sometimes spelled arugula, is also known as roquette, true rocket, rocket salad, rocket, tira, and in England as white pepper. The name "rocket" derives from the French roquette, a diminutive form of the Latin eruca, the Italian ruccetta, and medieval French Provencal roqueto. While arrugula is now the most common name for this herb, it was known as roquette for many years.

    Ancient Egyptians and Romans both favored arrugula as an aphrodisiac. Prior to the 1990s, arrugula wasn't cultivated and was instead simply collected in the wild.

    On the island of Ischia, an alcholic beverage called Rucolino is made from Arrugula. Rucolino is usually consumed as an after dinner drink.

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