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Varieties of red seedless grapes are numerous and include Flame, Crimson, Rouge and many more.

Scientific Binomial Name: Vitis vinifera


This red table grape can be eaten fresh, in salads, as a snack or as a dessert.


Generally larger red grapes are best, but not always.

Select grapes that are fairly firm, but not rock-hard. Black varieties should be very dark and free of any green tinge.

Grapes are always picked ripe, and do not ripen further once off the vine.


Avoid grapes that are soft, wrinkled, shriveled, shattered or that have bleached areas around the stem.

Soft or wrinkled grapes means they are getting old or have not been kept cold.


Always store grapes dry in your refrigerator. Only wash just prior to use to reduce the chance of mold.


As a general rule, grapes will not ripen further after picking. Higher brix (sugar) levels are gained by leaving the fruit on the vine longer, so early season fruit tends to be a bit tart while late season product can be prone to molding due to the highe

  • Nutritional Information
  • Grapes are very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. They're also a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

  • Tips & Trivia
  • Grapes are great to pack in lunch boxes. Grapes satisfy your child's sweet tooth without added sugar or fat, and they are an excellent way to get more fruit in a youngster's diet.

    For a delicious summertime treat, spread individual grapes on a pan and freeze. Transfer to a freezer box to have available for kids to eat as a frosty snack - like little popsicles.

    The frosty look on grape varieties is called bloom and is a natural protection produced by grapes.

    There are seedless varieties of grapes in all colors - green, red and black - available throughout the year.

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