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Desserts, baking, juicing, ice cream, sorbets, pies, shortcakes, jams and jellies.


Good-quality Strawberries should be firm (but not rock-hard), evenly shaped and medium to large in size.

Strawberry coloring should be even and bright red.


berries that are wrinkled, soft, spotted with mold or leaking juice.

Berries with more than a touch of green or white around the caps do not ripen well after they are picked.


Always store berries in your refrigerator and wash just prior to use in order to prevent molding.


After picking, berries will get more juicy, but their sugar content does not increase much.

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  • Ancestors of the strawberry were discovered in the 18th Century by French explorers in Chile. The plump, red berries were cultivated by the Indians in South America. The explorers brought several plants back to France, where the berry was crossed with a wild meadow strawberry that previously had been discovered in Virginia. The resulting berry was a forerunner of our modern strawberry. (Source: California Strawberry Advisory Board)

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