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Twists On Holiday Classics

When Canned Just Won’t Do

Fresh cranberries are a holiday favorite, but the crop can be heavy one year and light the next. Some years you can find cranberries available through Christmas and other times they are gone right after Thanksgiving. I have a suggestion for those who want cranberries for both holidays; Buy a couple of extra bags now and freeze them. Frozen cranberries will cook up & taste just like your family expects for your holiday meal.

Bright Red and Flavorful

Red Bartlet pears are both beautiful and great-tasting. The color is a deep red that looks excellent sliced in a salad with blue cheese & dried cranberries. If you're looking for a memorable cheese plate, just leave the salad out and combine this pear with cheese with a nice Pinot. Two excellent cheeses to consider are Ford Farm English Blue Stilton or Pallon Parrano (texture of a young Gouda with a taste similar to Parmigiano Reggiano).

Sweet, Tender and Addictive

French green beans are also known as Haricots Vert. They are thinner, more tender and have a more complex flavor than regular green beans. Try switching them out for regular green beans for that traditional Thanksgiving green bean dish, add some pearl onions and expect to get rave reviews from the family.

Memorable Combination of Sweet and Tart

Meyer Lemons are a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange - and as such, they have a slightly sweeter nature. Use anywhere you would a regular lemon, but they are especially nice in lemonade, on salmon, used for zest, sliced over a roasted chicken or game hen and last (but not least) make a killer lemon drop.

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