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Find out about all types of melons, including selecting the sweetest, juiciest melon, plus storage tips and melon health and nutrition facts.

Most people don't know that melons, squashes, and cucumbers are in the same gourd family. Most melons have similar structure to winter squash with thick flesh and inner seed-filled midsection. So what is the difference between melons and squashes? It's how they're used. Squash is considered a vegetable, while melons are known as fruits with sweet and juicy flavor.

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Cherimoya Trivia

Cherimoya trees originated in the South American Andes and are now grown successfully in this country, usually requiring elevations between 3,000 and (...)

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Fresh Produce for Tasty Resolutions

Resolutions arrive with the new year, but the diet versions don’t have to include only carrots and celery. Although these items are healthy (...)

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Locally Grown Is Complex

Friday, October 11, 2013

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